Photo Booth Features - a look at what's included within your hire fee

Green screen, touchscreen, HD video messaging, unlimited prints and more...


We have all the feautres you would normally expect to be offered when you hire a photo booth. Many photo booth hire companies will quote "prices starting from .......", but when you enquire, the additional charges for extra prints, video messaging etc. paint a different picture. So, we have decided to operate in the opposite manner. We quote our maximum fee of £395 for the standard 3 hour period, and reduce the price by removing features, if so desired, or the hire period.


Customised Print Styles: select colour or black & white photos when inside the booth. Add text or your company logo to your photos. The photo booth prints in a variety of formats, styles and sizes, which can be selected by the hirer upon making your booking. 


Unlimited, Instant Photos: your guests can return to the booth as many times as they like during the hire period, taking an unlimited amount of photos. The booth cuts and prints the touch dry photos in 8 seconds, using a dye sublimation printer.


Double Prints & DVD: the guests get to keep their own photos, but we can also give you an extra set of prints, as well as a DVD containing all of the images taken and any video messages recorded inside the booth.


HD Video Messaging & Green Screen: our photo booth can record video messages in HD, which we can given to you on a DVD. We also have a Survey / Feedback feature, which is ideal for corporate occassions. You can also let the Photo Booth transport you anywhere in the world - or at least add your own back drop. Vegas, the Coliseum, Wembley. The options are endless.


Box of Props: wigs, hats, a chalk board, comedy glasses, inflatable instruments, all for you and your guests



Booth Attendant: who will build and dismantle the booth on-site, and be on hand to help out during the hire period.


Facebook Upload: you can instantly upload your photos to Facebook or twitter (subject to WiFi connection).


Booth Equipment


Although we are one of the best value for money photo booth hire companies, we have not compromised on the equipment we use in order to keep our costs down.


We use a DSLR Canon 700d camera, which can record in HD, offers 18 megapixels and a 18 - 55mm lens which produces extremely high quality photos. There is an external mic. input for increased sound quality on video messaging. This is accompanied by a studio lighting kit which sits inside the booth, behind a plex light panel.


We use a Mitsubishi Dye Sublimation instant photo printer. It cuts, prints and delivers the photo in 8 seconds, and the print quality is that of a traditional photo booth.


Our booths are custom made by an exhibition stand company, ensuring a safe, sturdy and quality engineered aluminum frame and panels. They can be assembled in 30 minutes, comfortably house 5 people and come with durable, outer skins that are laminated in anti-scruff matt laminate.


We use the market leading software which is extremely versatile, allowing for colour or B&W photos taken in different sizes and formats, and the option of adding text or logos to your pictures, if so desired. Inside the booth is a 21" touch screen, which is simple to operate for any first time user. This software also allows us to offer video messaging and green screen options.