Terms & Conditions

We are pleased to be able to say that to date we have had no issues with payment terms, equipment being damaged, or any other issue which normally falls under terms and conditions. However, for the avoidance doubt, we have included the below terms and conditions for you to agree before making a booking, so you fully understand your commitment and responsibilities, as well as our own.


Payment Terms:


To secure your booking we require a non-refundable deposit of £100 - we cannot hold the date until this payment is received. The remaining balance is then due 30 days prior to your event. If you need flexibility with your deposit payment amount, please contact us.


For bookings made within 30 days of your event, full payment is required to secure your booking.


Any cancellations made will result in a loss of your deposit.  Full cancellation charges apply where cancellation is made within 30 days of the event date.  However, should you re-schedule a booking, we may credit any monies paid.


You can pay by on-line bank transfer, cash payment into the account, paypal (subject to a 4% charge) or cheque. If paying by cheque, this needs to be received and cleared 30 days prior to your event.


Damage Costs:


Our responsibility: our equipment is PAT tested, we hold public liability insurance and our booths are built to exhibition stand quality. We test the equipment before we leave for your event.


Hirer responsibility: if any of our equipment is damaged as a result of improper usage by anyone other than our own staff members, we reserve the right to pack up and remove the booth from the venue. Any major costs incurred to repair the damage will be forwarded onto the hirer, and the full hire fee will still be payable.


When attending events where alcohol is consumed, we also reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who we feel isn't fit to enter the booth.


We also reserve the right to end the hire should any of our staff be subjected to rude or threatening behaviour, but with no refund offered.




We require an area of at least 8ft x 5ft, and a height of 6ft 6" to operate the photo booth safely. We also require a plug socket / power supply of 240 volts within close proximity of where the booth will be situated (ideally 5 metres). If the photo booth is to be powered from a generator, we will need to speak with you to ensure it meets the necessary regulations.


The booth also needs to be operated either indoors, or inside a fully heated and waterproof marquee, on solid flooring. Given we can pack to booth down into flight cases, we can however transport it almost anywhere. Please ensure that all of this access is available, and also check that you have permission from the venue to hire a photo booth. Should we arrive at a venue to discover we cannot operate the photo booth, we cannot be held responsible, and no refunds are offered.


In The Event:


If we are late or unable to attend / complete the booking due to circumstances beyond our control, which include but are not limited to equipment failure, adverse weather conditions preventing our arrival, transport issues or sickness, our liability is limited to offering you a refund in full or part, depending on how much of the booking we have fulfilled. We are obliged to have the photo booth operational for a minimum of 80% of the hire period, allowing for any time lost due to photo booth maintenance.


Albums & Marketing:


We may create an online album on this website or on social media sites for you to view your pictures as part of the package.  In such circumstances, we may also use any of the photographs from your event for reasons including, but not limited to, marketing and  promotional material, either on our website, or in print hard copy.


We are also extremely grateful for all the positive feedback we receive, which again we will include in the form of testimonials on our website.  We only do this where you have given consent in accordnace with our privacy policy.


The agreement to provide an online album  only arises as a result of you OPTING In to this service.



By paying the deposit you are committing to these terms and conditions. If you are unsure about any of the terms, please contact us via email of telephone before making your booking.


Ok, now all of the formalities are out of the way, we look forward to meeting with you.